Marty Allen Photography

My family, my wife and my children have all sacrificed so that I could live out a dream. The dream of owning one’s own business is one thing, but to try to make a living as an artist is quite another. So living that dream has not always been easy. It has been their love, their patience, their admiration and their faith in my abilities that has set me free to work unhindered. In little or in plenty their support has always been there.

It was in college that photography first grabbed my imagination. Shortly after my initial adventures with the camera I found my interest quickly moving toward capturing people. Sitting across the kitchen table from my mother’s mother I created an image that continues to be with me today. Her expression, the gentleness in her spirit, the kindness in her eyes, the years of service to a husband and children were written across her face. Capturing the essence of this woman I called “Grandma” was something special I will never forget. That first portrait session in my Grandmother’s kitchen set my course and still defines the way I work today.

Art should be full of truth and beauty. Portraiture should be all about the beauty of the person being portrayed and the truth of who they are. Truth never needs an apology or a larger stage. Beauty, well true beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder but surely is in the ones who work together to create it.


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